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Enjoy Cool, Crisp, Filtered Water 24/7

Here at Sleeping Giant Coolers we have a wide range of bottle fed water coolers available, which will suit all requirements and environments. You get to enjoy fresh, filtered, cool, crisp water all year long. We are dedicated to our customers here at Sleeping Giant Coolers and provide nothing but the very best for them. With us, the quality of the product will always come first and when you see our bottle fed water coolers you will see this quality shining through.

Our bottled water coolers have been designed to be very modern and stylish and will look great in any environment including leisure centres, sports centres, hospitals, schools, colleges, offices, universities and canteens.

Bottle fed water coolers are a great way of keeping your office staff or staff in any working environment well hydrated, all year long. They get to enjoy crisp, cool, fresh, filtered water that tastes amazing.

They Are Very Simple To Install!

Bottle fed water coolers are very easy to install, we will advise you to where the best location is to ensure that your cooler is working at it’s full potential! It’s all up and running and ready to go.

Bottle fed water coolers can also be used in the home too. All you need is a power point and you can enjoy fresh, filtered, crisp, cool water, whenever you want it. Our range is both innovative and highly fashionable and will go with any home décor.

Water Of The Highest Quality

At Sleeping Giant Coolers we will supply you with the only the best. Our water is thoroughly tested on a daily basis, to ensure it is of great quality and is safe to drink. We only deliver the highest of standards to our customers. You can be rest assured of that! We can offer you:

  • Pure Welsh Mineral Water

Our bottle fed water coolers are available in many options including:

  • Hot and cold
  • Ambient and cold
  • Simply, just cold

What you choose to have is of course, totally up to you and your preferences and what you need your water cooler to provide you with.

There are many benefits of having a bottle fed water cooler over a mains fed one, for instance, with bottle fed coolers you only require a single plug socket for it to be up and running. You don’t need a water supply to be able to enjoy cool, crisp water. Mains fed water coolers are more complex and they do require a water supply and also a power source.

Bottle fed water coolers are the perfect option if you haven’t got a water supply in your working environment.

We Will Keep The Water Coming!

Here at Sleeping Giant Coolers we will provide you with regular, scheduled deliveries of pure, fresh, filtered water so that you can keep your water bottles topped up. We can offer you weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery cycles, or any special delivery requirements that suit your needs, and can make any changes are required to your delivery schedule.

At Sleeping Giant Coolers we offer a 14 day no commitment FREE trial which we are sure you’re going to love taking advantage of. We are more than happy to offer this and we hope you’ll enjoy it!

We Have All The Accessories Too

Here at Sleeping Giant Coolers we have thought of everything! We want you to be more than delighted with your water cooler and this is why we will provide you with a wide range of accessories and parts, so you can really make the most out of your new water cooler.

We will supply you with:

  • Extra water bottles
  • Fully Recyclable plastic and paper cups
  • Safety mat
  • Bottle racks
  • Bottle covers

We Will Service All Water Coolers!

At Sleeping Giant Coolers we will service your water cooler on a regular basis, ensuing that it is in good working order and is still providing you with crisp, cool, fresh, filtered water. By having regular service checks you’ll be ensuring that your water cooler has a long life and will keep on running effectively and efficiently. We will also service any water cooler that you may have had from another supplier.

We are very proud of this service as not many suppliers will service another supplier’s water cooler.

Here at Sleeping Giant Coolers we really do have a lot to offer. We have been supplying water coolers to the whole of South Wales for over 20 years and we are very proud to say that we have a fine reputation indeed. We pride ourselves on the services that we can offer our customers and we know that you’ll be more than delighted with what we can offer you!

So, if you’re looking to install a bottle fed water cooler into your working environment or home then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We have a wide range of styles and colours available that will look amazing in any environment.

For pure Welsh mineral water, that is of the highest quality check out what we at Sleeping Giant Coolers have to offer!

Get in touch with us soon, we would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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