Water Cooler Servicing & Maintenance

For Water Cooler Servicing, Look No Further Than Us!

At Sleeping Giant Coolers we know that servicing matters greatly, we will carry out a thorough service on your water cooler, ensuring your water cooler is providing you with fresh, clean, crisp water. We will carry out a pH test on all our mains fed coolers to ensure that it is chemically balanced and is safe for you and others to drink.

This will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your water cooler is working efficiently, effectively and is supplying you with water that is 100% safe to drink and enjoy. Once we have successfully carried out our checks we will then provide you with a service certificate.

Water Cooler Hygiene Is Absolutely Essential

When it comes to water coolers, hygiene is of extreme importance and a water cooler that isn’t properly cleaned and serviced can cause serious health issues. A water cooler that isn’t serviced regularly also has the potential to break down or become inefficient, at doing the job it’s supposed to do. Proper cleaning and maintenance is absolutely essential, to enable your water cooler to continue providing you with fresh, clean, crisp water.

We Have A Long History In Servicing Water Coolers!

We have been servicing water coolers throughout South Wales for over 20 years, there’s absolutely nothing we don’t know about water and water coolers. We know just how important maintenance and servicing is, not only to your health but also the lifespan of your water cooler.

The majority of well maintained water coolers and coolers that are regularly serviced should provide you with years of good service, without any issues.  However, problems can occur and when they do, you really need an expert who knows what they are doing. You need a professional at their trade, who guarantees a first class service that is the envy of all their rivals.

We can also supply you with a temporary replacement cooler should your cooler need extensive repair.

We are those experts and can solve any of your water cooler issues, fast and professionally!

We at Sleeping Giant Coolers have all the experience, knowledge and skills that are required to service and repair any water cooler.

We Will Service Other Water Coolers Too!

Here at Sleeping Giant Coolers we don’t just service the water coolers that we supply you with, we will happily service any water cooler you may have had from another supplier!

We are very proud to offer this great service, as not many water cooler suppliers do. Servicing water coolers is extremely important and this is why we want to ensure all water coolers are running properly and are proving you with 100% safe water to enjoy.

So, when it comes to servicing water coolers, we are the professionals that you need. Our team members are fully trained and understand just how important it is to ensure a water cooler is operating properly and is continuing to provide you water that is safe to drink.

Get in touch with us here at Sleeping Giant Coolers. We pride ourselves on the first class service that we offer our customers and always guarantee great results.

Our customers are at the heart of what we do and when it comes to servicing water coolers, we consider ourselves to be one of the very best!

For all your water cooler needs, you can count on us!

For more information on servicing and maintenance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to help!

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